Market Development

Market Development

Shaping the value chain for health

We understand health markets are complex ecosystems of diverse actors supporting a critical set of market functions. We work towards systemic fixes to deliver access to quality and affordable healthcare.

Unlock and optimize market potential

Our focus is on diagnosing, analyzing and designing solutions for functions that can impede market performance. These could include areas such as financing, marketing and demand creation, quality assurance, regulations and taxation. Ultimately, through in-depth landscaping of local market actors as well as regional and global influencers, we identify barriers and propose targeted solutions for addressing them so markets function better. We help our partners unlock and optimize market potential for key health products and services across the sexual and reproductive health, malaria, HIV, and maternal and child health spaces, among others.

Our Experts

Jones, Chris
Chris Jones
Infectious Disease; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Strategic Planning; Market Development Approaches; Private Sector Engagement
Aasha Pai
HIV; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Primary Health Care; Market Development; Strategic Planning; Health Systems Strengthening
Lucy Maikweki
HIV; TB; Reproductive Health; COVID-19 / Pandemic Preparedness; Strategic Planning; Private Sector Engagement


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Health markets are messy and complex, consisting of a bewildering array of actors and enabling functions. It’s an honor (and a lot of fun) to work with clients and partners to figure out how that complexity can be leveraged to improve the lives of people around the world.

Chris Jones - Mann Global Health, Practice Lead Market Development