Preparing for emerging opportunities and threats in the funding environment

We’ll help you understand the likely evolution of the funding environment so you can be better prepared to identify and leverage emerging trends and opportunities, and to counter challenges in areas where investments are dwindling.

Moving from strategy to implementation

In addition to developing customized fundraising strategies, we also provide ongoing support to clients to execute their strategies. We’ll help you prioritize donors and partners, implement stakeholder engagement plans, develop resilient capture plans for specific opportunities, and craft the systems and processes required to develop competitive partnerships and proposals.

Our Experts

Chastain Mann
Strategic planning; Private Sector Engagement; Partnerships; Business Development; Reproductive Health; HIV; Localization
Chris Constantian
Business development; Partnerships; Fundraising systems & processes; Localization; Bilateral donor intelligence
Nayantara Watsa
Strategic Planning; Private Sector Engagement; Partnerships; Business Development; Results Based Financing; Localization


Capacity Statement

As donors drive towards increasing value for money and localization, we strive to walk the walk with global health organizations, helping them assess critical intelligence about global market trends, to position themselves for a diversity of funding. It is really fun to help our clients tackle pressing challenges so they can set and achieve their growth targets.

Nayantara Watsa - Mann Global Health, Director of Strategic Growth