Together, we can make sense of and respond to the emerging global health challenges of our time.

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Delivering better global health outcomes in a timely, cost-effective, people-centered and equitable way has become an increasingly complex global challenge. The global Covid- 19 pandemic has magnified how interconnected healthcare is to other pressures we collectively face – population growth, effective governance, widespread inequality, racial justice, war, and accelerated climate change.

The disproportionate impact of these pressures on low-income communities constitute a crisis that is global in scope.

We support global health practitioners in identifying opportunities, developing strategies, addressing challenges and executing simple, creative, and results-oriented solutions to radically improve lives.


At Mann Global Health, we believe it’s possible to radically improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations within one generation.


Our process begins with a period of discovery where we fully immerse ourselves in learning about our clients’ needs and objectives, via document reviews, interviews and surveys. We listen before we talk, and we probe to understand the root causes for challenges our clients face, as well as any areas of potential growth or opportunity.


Next, we move into extensive ideation with our clients and other relevant stakeholders. We hold interactive (and fun!) workshops or leadership team meetings to co-create broad solutions to our client’s unique challenges and opportunities.


Whether it’s working on an organizational strategic plan or a contraceptive product introduction framework, we help our clients move from challenge to concept to implementation planning, with inclusive program design that maps out a course for impact.


As clients move to implementation of new strategies or programs, we continue to provide in-depth technical or operational advice and programmatic support as needed.


Diversity, equity and inclusion are not just buzzwords - it’s the heart of who we are.

We practice what we preach around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Our consultants come from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of experiences in over 20 countries worldwide. We are deliberate in assembling teams of experts who represent this range of experience and expertise so our clients benefit from both the depth and breadth of what we offer.

In working with clients, we strive to amplify as many voices as possible from all levels of the organization so these voices feed into the design process at multiple points along the way. This inclusion leads to fresh ideas, passionate thinking, and increased buy-in for our work with our clients.

We deliver hard truths

We face challenges head on and do not shy away from delivering hard facts or uncomfortable findings. Our clients rely on us for frank assessments, not just consultant jargon, of what and how things need to be improved. We believe that tackling the hard stuff with direct and honest engagement is critical to how we add value.

We are adaptable

Clients come to us for help with new ways of thinking. This might include clients who are looking for ways to evolve in the face of changing operating environments, or clients wanting to create or improve a health market. Together, we help you flesh out ideas and plans for how to do better and more. This requires us to be not just creative but also adaptable to the evolution in thinking that occurs over the course of our engagement. We stay nimble in changing course when needed.

We love what we do, and it shows

We work in global health because we are passionate about social impact. And we work as consultants because we want to work alongside the many organizations that share this passion. We have been in our client’s shoes and can relate to their problems. We want to help them get better at what they do. We bring this commitment and excitement to our work every day, along with a healthy dose of humor.

We do what it takes to get results

Our associates bring not just years of consulting experience, but also in-depth subject area and operational expertise on the topics most important to our clients. We bring fresh approaches and a no-nonsense focus on delivering results.
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Whatever challenge you face, you don’t have to solve it alone. We walk with our clients every step of the way.

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