Behavior Change and Marketing

Behavior Change and Marketing

Understanding what motivates people to take action

Our approach to behavior change is driven by the science of behavior. We begin by identifying our target audience and clearly defining the behavior change objective we are asking people to do. We work hard to deeply understand our target audience – their behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and unspoken things they themselves might not be aware of.

It’s important that people feel emotionally connected to what they are being asked to do or change. We develop key insights with tension, insights that are true but not always obvious and that strike an emotional chord. These insights create the foundation for a project or a marketing campaign that can truly inspire target audiences to think or act differently, resulting in purposeful change.

Leveraging the power of a brand

Your brand is so much more than a name and logo, and campaigns need first to get noticed if they are to have an impact. We work to define standards of excellence for your organization and develop a range of customized communications and marketing strategies based on best-in-class examples and meaningful audience insights. The results are campaigns that both look good and genuinely motivate behavior change in our target audiences.

Our Experts

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Donna Sherard
HIV; Malaria; Reproductive Health; Child Health; Infectious Disease; Strategic Planning; Marketing, SBC; Advocacy
Anne Williams
Brand; Marketing; Communications Strategy and Execution; Strategic Planning; Qualitative Research
Hope Hemstone
Health Systems Strengthening; Strategic Planning; Bilateral Donor Intelligence; Reproductive Health; Maternal Health; M&E


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It is often the case that lifesaving products and services are available and accessible but not sought out and used by the people they were made for. At Mann Global Health, we combine social, and behavior change approaches with best practices from private sector marketing and brand management.

Anne Williams. - Associate