Technical Support

Problem-solving across the sector We bring a broad lens to problem-solving, and a range of skills and expertise that allows us to design context-specific strategies and solutions to technical, programmatic, and operational challenges. Subject matter experts with real-world experience Our diverse roster of consultants and thoughtfully assembled teams are subject matter experts across a number […]

Behavior Change and Marketing

Understanding what motivates people to take action Our approach to behavior change is driven by the science of behavior. We begin by identifying our target audience and clearly defining the behavior change objective we are asking people to do. We work hard to deeply understand our target audience – their behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and unspoken […]

Market Development

Shaping the value chain for health We understand health markets are complex ecosystems of diverse actors supporting a critical set of market functions. We work towards systemic fixes to deliver access to quality and affordable healthcare. Unlock and optimize market potential Our focus is on diagnosing, analyzing and designing solutions for functions that can impede […]


Preparing for emerging opportunities and threats in the funding environment We’ll help you understand the likely evolution of the funding environment so you can be better prepared to identify and leverage emerging trends and opportunities, and to counter challenges in areas where investments are dwindling. Moving from strategy to implementation In addition to developing customized […]

Organizational Strategy

Finding the best path to impact We work with a wide range of clients to develop strategies for their entire organizations, or for departments, programs or special initiatives. Our strategy clients include international global health implementing organizations, local NGOs, pharmaceutical companies, biotech businesses, donors, and agenda-focused associations – all of whom look to us for […]