What We Do

Institutional Support and Strategic Planning

Mann Global Health partners with clients to help bring their mission, goals and capacity into alignment and to achieve impact.

Mann Global clients approach us with a wide array of institutional support needs. Some want to develop new organizational strategies, often when their executive leadership changes or their mandate expands.

Others want to combine strategic planning with organizational restructuring as well as team-building and coaching, so that the organization can move forward on multiple fronts at the same time, on the path to a stronger future.

Several clients have asked that we help them redesign multi-country regional programs, or even develop new business models that allow for greater sustainability.

Others, still, have asked us to work with their Boards, developing existing members and recruiting new ones.

As with all our work, we listen to our clients to understand their needs, and help them devise approaches to strengthen their organizations and position themselves competitively for the future.