What We Do

Example Projects

Leading the go-to-market launch of Phexxi in low- and middle-income countries — seeking research agency partner 

Mann Global Health has been contracted by Evofem to lead the go-to-market launch of Phexxi, a hormone free vaginal contraceptive gel in LMIC.

We seek a research agency partner to support our learning plan, which includes identifying and understanding the target audience, uncovering insights that will enable us to best position and market the product, and determining optimal product pricing and size / bundle. Interested parties are invited to submit proposals no later than 5pm ET on November 12th.

Additional details can be found here or by contacting us directly at nora@mannglobalhealth.com.

Branding and Marketing Best Practices

The goal of the Branding and Marketing Best Practices project was to understand whether and how the discipline of marketing can be applied most effectively to improve the impact of global health and development products and services. Our objectives were to understand:

  • The effectiveness of marketing (social marketing, brand development, social and behavior change communications) in global health and development to date;
  • The lessons that can be learned from private sector marketing for application in the social sector; and
  • The conditions that must be in place for marketing in support of global health and development to be successful in developing countries (why branding and marketing efforts have or have not worked).

You can read more about the project deliverables here, including: (1) a Branding and Marketing Landscape Assessment which reviewed branding and marketing definitions, best practices from the private sector and a literature review of marketing effectiveness; (2) a Branding and Marketing Best Practices Framework which was developed based on stakeholder input and literature review; (3) a series of case studies in which we evaluated the branding and marketing approaches of public and private sector brands and programs; and (4) recommendations to help global health and development stakeholders improve branding and marketing in their projects; and (5) Our final report, in which we summarize what we learned during this process and described the approaches taken by the organizations and projects we assessed in our case study series.

The MGH team shared a summary of the branding and marketing best practices and highlights from the case study series in a webinar presentation. A recording of the webinar is also available.

Marketing Clean Cookstoves

We worked with a client to develop marketing strategies and specific campaigns for increasing sales and use of improved cookstoves. This work took us to a number of countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia, where we collaborated with in-country client staff and partners to nurture a market for clean stoves.

Directing a Medium-term Ebola Project

When one of our clients struggled to staff and roll out  a  sanitation project in Guinea during the Ebola outbreak, we were able to send a seasoned program manager to redesign and kick off the project, meeting donor timelines and deliverables.

Organizational Strategic Planning

We have helped a number of clients take a step back and answer the five main questions of strategy: Where are we now? Where do we want to go? How do we get there? How will we know how we’ve done? How will we fund this? We conduct extensive stakeholder analysis to get a sense of perceptions of the client organization – its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. And we help clients create a map that will get them to their vision, including, when needed, a plan for restructuring.

Total Market Approach (TMA) and Analysis

A number of Mann Global associates have extensive backgrounds in TMA, and have worked for clients to understand specific product markets — e.g., condoms and contraceptives in Africa. We have further helped those clients create dashboards to monitor market dynamics, and tools to determine where and how to fill gaps in supply and demand.

Project Assessments

Many clients have asked us to take an independent look at projects they have implemented with donor funds — sometimes in order to create a success story from that project, and sometimes in order to diagnose and repair weaknesses. We have also conducted “black hat” assessments of projects, where we helped clients spot their vulnerabilities in the lead up to a competitive bid process.

Working with Donors

We have had many clients work with us to create donor fundraising strategies, where we can match up client projects or plans with donor priorities. We introduce clients to our contacts among donors and potential partners (including other NGOs), often accompanying them to presentations or meetings with European or multi-lateral donors, for example. We help clients develop pitches, presentations and marketing materials to share with potential donors and partners.