Susan Mitchell



Private Sector Engagement; Strategic Planning; Market Development; Program Management; Family Planning; Child Health

Susan is a recognized leader in private sector health with experience leading complex
global health programs and managing large teams and budgets.

For the past 18 years she served as Project Director for USAID Global Health Flagship projects focused on expanding availability, quality and use of family planning and other health products and services through the private sector. In this role, she oversaw the design and implementation of programs in over 30 countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. She worked with governments and donors to better understand and identify opportunities to increase private sector participation in the provision of health products and services in a wide range of country settings, collaborated with lending institutions to increase financing to private health providers and has implemented partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors for the introduction and scale up of new products. Susan oversaw the development of research studies used to evaluate and inform program activities and co-authored numerous technical reports to document strategies, approaches and best practices in private sector engagement for improved health outcomes.

Susan is a strategic thinker who enjoys working with teams to address complex problems. She holds a BA from Hampshire College and an MBA from New York University.