Find inspiration in our case study series.

Looking for inspiring audience insights? A best-in-class brand vision? Or campaigns that touch the heart and open the mind? Peruse the best practice examples below. You can also dive deep on a specific project or company, or read the Case Study Analysis – Learning, Highlights, and Recommendations, in which we summarize our case study findings, including what works and conditions for success.

Case Study Approach

To identify the best practice elements across the projects we evaluated, we scored each element as excellent, good, or average. While there is subjectivity in evaluating branding and marketing effectiveness, we applied a systematic approach, using the standards of excellence defined in the Brand and Marketing Best Practices Framework. We recognize that there are likely errors in our scoring. Nonetheless, our intent is that the overall themes we identify will be accurate and useful for the global public health and development community.

Case Study Selection Criteria

We selected global health projects that represent the programmatic areas and regions that receive significant donor investment, while also including examples from developed markets. We sought diversity in the types of projects we included (SBCC, edutainment, social marketing, and a political campaign) as well as in implementing organizations. Finally, we prioritized projects that were implemented within the past five years that had ample, accessible information. The private sector companies (Airbnb, MTN, and Mankind) were chosen because they are recognized as strong brands and marketing engines.